Brendan Filice is an active photographer and outdoorsman with a passion for adventure. He has been exploring different types of photography, particularly those which capture nature and wildlife, for close to a decade. Brendan can usually be found with his trusty Nikon digital camera, looking for the “perfect shot” of a wild landscape or an interesting animal in its natural habitat.

Southern California, with its warm weather and laid-back atmosphere, attributed to Brendan’s early exposure to the outdoors and sports. He participated in a variety of sports from a young age. He played baseball throughout elementary school and middle school, and one of his fondest memories of the sport is when his Little League team won a citywide championship game. Brendan also played soccer for about five years and enjoyed the sport very much.

Brendan Filice’s athleticism developed as he get older. He played lacrosse and football in high school and looks forward towards expanding his experience in team sports. He also enjoys skateboarding and rollerblading. Health and fitness is very important to Brendan. Therefore, he enjoys playing sports in order to stay in shape. Hiking is also great exercise for Brendan- it’s the best way to experience nature and also get a great workout!

Living in California has awarded Brendan Filice plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors. Since he enjoys hiking and relishing beautiful moments in natural, the mountainous areas at the state are his favorite spots. He is always looking for remote areas where he can indulge in his favorite hobbies, such as hiking, fishing, and camping. The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in the Eastern Sierras is also one of his favorite places to go snowboarding. Brendan loves watching the pros take the slopes and checking out their tricks! Brendan especially enjoys California’s signature sequoia trees and hopes to photograph Sequoia National Park in Tulare County someday, particularly the General Sherman tree. This is the biggest tree in the world and a favorite for photographers around the world!

Brendan plans to focus his academic career on biology and wildlife. Through recreational photography, Brendan can examine and study some of his favorite creatures up close and pursue analysis in a scientific fashion. He also cares about animals receiving the proper care and treatment they deserve; this compassion for animals is one of the reasons he is so interested in analyzing wildlife behavior. Environmentalism is important to him. Photography is a way to reflect Brendan’s philosophy of preserving wild creatures in their natural habitats.

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From playing sports, to skateboarding, to taking photos – he thrives in great big spaces.  Brendan loves the lush Californian outdoors. However, he also dreams of traveling around the world one day. He would love to photograph impressive landscapes in the future. For an example of the places he’d like to go one day, see his list of 15 of the World’s Most Picturesque Mountains.

Brendan is also an avid movie fan; he loves to find little-known older films as well as the classics. He also enjoys current blockbusters, particularly those with action and adventure plot-lines. He loves the tradition of going to the movies with friends and family. He has a never-ending “bucket list” of movies he wants to see and is always looking for new suggestions. He hopes to see every state in the country one day, travel on the Yukon trail, and backpack across Europe.

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