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6 Examples of Skateboarder Creativity | Brendan Taylor Filice

6 Examples of Skateboarder Creativity

Skateboarding is a phenomenal pastime. With both feet placed on a stretch of wood, aluminum, or plastic, riders are able to glide through the world and momentarily obtain a feeling of freedom. Often, skateboarders conceive new ways to enjoy the sport, even choosing to utilize nature. There are a number of ways skateboarders creatively use […]

5 Tips for Becoming a Better, More Thoughtful Photographer

Earnestness, uncapped passion, and curiosity tend to produce incredible photos. The ability to point a lens at a person and capture their soul, or point it at an item and capture its presence is a skill that not everyone has, but it is something that every hopeful photographer can aspire to. For some, photography is […]

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The Internet of Things and its Influence on Photography

Aaccording to’s whitepaper, people uploaded 350 million images to Facebook each day in 2013. That’s a lot of pictures. Now, imagine all of the images uploaded in Instagram every hour. Think about the tourists in New York photographing the Statue of Liberty. Think about tourists in India photographing the Taj Mahal, or in Brazil […]

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Why Photography Inspires Me

Brendan Taylor Filice writes about the inspiration of photography and why landscape photography provides a powerful sense of place. Brendan Filice’s favorite subjects to photograph come right from nature. Whether the sun rising and setting, or the ocean tides setting out at the end of the day, a landscape’s beauty is impossible to ignore. Here are some of […]

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What’s The Most Important Thing About Photography?

  The photographer.   The one taking the photographer is the most important mechanism of the tool. More important than the camera, is our perspective. Check out Brendan Filice’s latest blog post on


Ultimate Southern California Hikes

If you’ve ever browsed my Flickr, you know I spend half my life clambering around hiking trails in California. So what are my favorite spots?   Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak This trail is located in the Santa Monica Mountains near the border of Los Angeles and Ventura County. About six miles today, it’s […]

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How To Get Big On Tumblr

No matter how much time I spend online, I will always keep coming back to my favorite site; Tumblr. When I first started using it, I realized Tumblr was more than a collection of blogs; it’s an intricate network of users who have developed their own language and many of us are still in our […]

Go On A Photography Adventure Brendan Filice

Go On A Photography Adventure

We take pictures to show the places where we’ve gone. We look at photography to explore our innermost dreams; the luxurious hotels we want to stay in one day, the mountains we want to climb, the creatures around the world we hope to see with our own eyes. I encourage everyone to go on an […]

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Best Photography Websites to Get Lost On for Hours

Prepare to get sucked into night-long binges on these awesome websites dedicated to appealing toward photographers and artists. In the days of photography of yore, publishing photographs required a wealth of materials (and personal connections) to get an audience in front of your images. Nowadays, seeking inspiration in images you connect with is just a […]

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The Enigma of Sunset Shots

Everyday, photographers flock to the glistening seaside or to the edges of the city limits for the perfect capture of the sun descending on the horizon. In pursuit of the perfect shot of the waves crashing on the golden sand, or light licking man’s impressive steel towers, photos of the sunset capture an indescribable moment […]

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