Brendan Taylor Filice writes about the inspiration of photography and why landscape photography provides a powerful sense of place.

Brendan Filice Photography Paso Robles California 4

Brendan Filice’s favorite subjects to photograph come right from nature. Whether the sun rising and setting, or the ocean tides setting out at the end of the day, a landscape’s beauty is impossible to ignore.

Here are some of Brendan’s favorites from his collection.

Brendan Filice Photography: Driving through Mammoth

This  frame is created by the contrast of the industrial arc of the underpass with the distant horizon. The beautiful bright sunlight is countered by the darkness of the tunnel.

Brendan Filice Photography Mammoth 3 copy

Hopefully generations and generations will have the opportunity to relish these splendors of nature. If we neglect the needs of our precious planet, our climate will definitely be in danger. We risk the future of these beautiful vistas. They will be nothing but distant memories, photographs from the past.

Brendan Filice Photography Laguna Beach 3

Landscape photography deftly captures a sense of place. It evokes feelings, such as memories of hiking in the woods as a young child or a beach vacation.

Anyone can be a photographer. Even if you’re an amateur photographer, personal photos will have an impact on you for your personal collection. The more photos you take, the more skills you’ll get with your camera.

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